November 2008

Lori Drew Convicted of Lesser Charges in MySpace Hoax Leading to Teen Suicide

November 27th 2008

The Missouri mother on trial in the landmark cyberbullying case that originated from the MySpace-related suicide of Megan Meier has been found guilty of three misdemeanor violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. I began writing about the tragic suicide of Megan Meier just under a year ago. The post questioned the widely reported […]

Lori Drew Guilty: Overly Broad User Agreements May Land Users in Jail

November 27th 2008

This morning, LinkedIn began promoting its new User Agreement. #3 in its list of Don’ts is: (Don’t) include information in your profile or in Status Updates which reveals your identity such as an email address, phone number or address or is confidential in nature; Of course, simply by linking to the User Agreement, I may […]

Google Layoff: 10,000 Jobs Being Cut, Web Guild Claims

November 26th 2008

The Web Guild reports that Google is quietly laying off up to 10,000 staff. This report is now being picked up by larger news outlets.  Citing anonymous sources, Web Guild says that part of the layoff includes 500 recruiters. Though Google is cutting back, its method is stealthy. Though Google reports just over 21,000 full-time […]

Expert Panel Voices Concern that ICANN’s Top Level Domains Policy is a Pending “Trainwreck”

November 25th 2008

I simply didn’t expect this. INTA, The World Intellectual Property Review, and TelNic hosted a webinar to discuss the “revolutionary” landscape ICANN has proposed by opening up top-level domain ownership. There was real dissension against ICANN’s vision, and at best, muted support. You may view the recorded program for free. <Use IE, there seems to be […]

Don’t Miss Tuesday’s Free Online Seminar: What gTLDs Mean for Brand Owners

November 24th 2008

There has been plenty of discussion on Useful Arts about what ICANN describes as the “revolutionary” landscape it is set to unleash. Some examples include: Life on Earth to Continue Despite ICANN, and Why Does Telnic Think Anyone Wants a Domain Named After The Phone? Tuesday morning at 9AM you can hear an impressive group […]

Python Strikes Back with Generosity!

November 24th 2008

Among the most downloaded of all YouTube videos are anything to do with Monty Python. Thank God. You can see clips from their TV show and movies, all for free. Free, you free-loading cheap bastards. Short on shekels, are we? Too skint to cough up the occasional fiver for quality senseless comedy? You make me sick, […]

Don’t Even Look at a Toyota — They Might Sue You!

November 20th 2008

Toyota wants fan-submitted desktop wallpapers that show Toyota, Scion, or Lexus cars removed from, a popular wallpaper sharing website. In an article on TorrentFreak: The site’s owner, Harry Maugans, contacted Toyota to clarify. He was told that all images featuring Toyota vehicles should be removed, even images with copyright belonging to others. Maugans said: […]

California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Employee Mobility

November 18th 2008

According to a  groundbreaking California State Supreme Court ruling in Edwards vs. Arthur Andersen, people employed in California have the right to start their own businesses or move to another company free from any legal interference by their previous employer. In essence, the court officially struck down the validity of the non-compete clause as it […]

The .tel Domain Launches in December – Is It Years Too Late?

November 17th 2008

With the approach of the the December 3rd sunrise period for owners of trademarks to register .tel domains, brand owners have a decision to make. The .tel domain is innovative, but is a domain named after the phone really going to be a hot new innovation? .Tel: A Domain with no Websites, Just Contact Data Most […]

Sue Magazine, for Women in Litigation

November 10th 2008

I didn’t make this up. Really. Demolishing stereotypes. Acknowledging strengths. A publication for women, not of a certain experience level – but of a certain attitude. For $50 you can subscribe to a magazine which, hopefully, will see its first issue. Considering its subscriber base, it had better. Some magazines publish “user-generated content”, but in […]