Trump’s re-election starts with bullying, fakery and a ban on blocking in social media

July 18th 2019

From ‘fake’ social media endorsements, bullying and a court ban on blocking Twitter followers – the campaign is already hot with digital issues. Its election season, so I guess I’m commenting on the digital life of politics again, occasionally.

Making the NY Times and Nordstrom Great Again: When Trump Attacks Do His Targets Profit?

February 10th 2017

On Wednesday, President Trump berated Nordstrom for dropping Presidential daughter, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their shelves. As the Seattle Times reported, there was a brief dip followed by a 4% rally. And while you can chalk this up to Nordstrom stores being located in Democratic strong holds, or liberal investors allocating with their politics, […]

Did Trump Jr. Take Skittles from a Refugee?

October 25th 2016

If the US economy were based on non-intentional irony, this election cycle would have already enriched us immeasurably. Until that pays off, consider the cosmic comeuppance of the former refugee who is suing the Trump campaign for stealing his photo of Skittles…which they used to warn that refugees are dangerous, or in this case litigious.

Why Apple Watch & Facebook Win as Pebble Watch & Twitter Struggle

June 15th 2015

The Apple Watch is a watershed product because it is a masterful consumerization of technology, and it begins to show how industries and our lives may change living among an Internet of Things.

Social Media Greatness Within Reach: Achieve Without Limits

July 14th 2011

Some of the absolute best social media work anywhere is being done by a century-old firm you probably already know. The Hartford’s Achieve Without Limits is taking cause marketing to “at-scale success”. Come take a look.

Are You a Twitter “Sales Insurrectionist”? Here Are Three Who Remade Sales in 140 Characters

April 15th 2011

Here are three super short stories of self-empowered sales pioneers. They brought somewhat unsuspecting brands in to their own real-time sales channel. “Surprise, we’re getting sales through Twitter!”

How to Get Twitter Followers If You’re Starting From Scratch – Thoughts Please

July 16th 2010

A friend of the blog emailed this question last week.  He’s new on Twitter and wants advice on getting going. What would you say? Q: How does anyone know I’m on Twitter?  Spam?! A: People know you’re on Twitter because you use it Okay, let me put some meat on that bone. Why do you […]

Twtter Hashtags Stopped Working? Tweets Not Appearing in Search?

May 25th 2010

Help, I’m a Twitter Fail Whale! I’m one of the few live bloggers at the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting, but you wouldn’t know that if you were an attendee.  My posts haven’t been entering the show’s tweet stream, and it turns out that my account doesn’t appear in Twitter search.  This is a drag, […]

Squatting on Your Digital Identity

June 29th 2009

In May, St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa filed suit against Twitter in California Superior Court, essentially claiming that someone using his name was posting comments that damaged his reputation and caused emotional distress. The suit also claims damage to La Russa’s trademark rights. Ordinarily, I would have thought little about the case, believing […]

Bankshot Analysis: Related Change Drivers in Online Marketing Trends

June 10th 2009

At the Quad Cities Ad Federation in Moline we discussed how sometimes related drivers combine to precipitate market trends, and ended up with a diagram that I’m calling a “bankshot.”  The general pattern is that a predictable driver causes a predictable outcome, and a modifying outcome builds on that to create a  second condition, which […]