Deception creates its own harm: Facebook shouldn’t know if you’re ovulating; voting shouldn’t be rooted in lies

January 14th 2021

Facebook gained the ability to see if users were ovulating, but the FTC put an end to this practice….because deception causes marketplace harm. Perhaps it’s time for voters to have consumer protections similar to what they enjoy in commerce from the FTC.

The week when Google entering healthcare scared people while I was in London

November 16th 2019

The concern stirred by Google’s focus on healthcare was clear all the way from London. I share some insights from OHSU, ClearDATA, and the strategy behind going in big on Lam Research which has close to doubled in value just in this year.

The week when voice assistants were hacked and I worked from a villa

November 9th 2019

Get the scoop on Design Ethics, the hacking of voice assistants, an odd wellness product, and my work life living in Orlando with 20 coworkers in ‘the Big Brother house’.

Why did Google buy Fitbit? Three key benefits

November 3rd 2019

Fitbit bit would bring Google: 1.) their first mass wearable product, 2.) an in-place wellness product line with global adoption and distribution, 3.) reams of progressively sophisticated health data and a privacy debate. Click above for the data and details.

China Now Has Non-Staffed Minute Clinics and Pharmacies – Time to Raise Your Innovation Goals?

November 23rd 2018

One of the largest insurance companies in China plans to open doctorless clinic booths at a rate of over thirty a day. That’s Ping An’s plan, come get the details and how this might inform your own transformation planning.

Why Apple Watch & Facebook Win as Pebble Watch & Twitter Struggle

June 15th 2015

The Apple Watch is a watershed product because it is a masterful consumerization of technology, and it begins to show how industries and our lives may change living among an Internet of Things.

Social Media Rule #1: Shed Your Idiots Now

September 5th 2013

Are organizations that are fixated on having the right social media policy missing the chance to address larger cultural deficits? Consider sad story of Northwestern University’s School of Medicine, now being sued for the unethical and potentially malicious use of social media by one of its fellows.

EFF: Verizon Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy, Others Do

April 30th 2013

Dropbox and LinkedIn, I knew there was something I liked about you….Verizon and Amazon, shape-up! Get a look at who the EFF says is, and isn’t, standing up for your privacy.

LinkedIn’s Bad Week: 6.5m Hacked Passwords, And Caught Sucking In Your Private Data

June 6th 2012

Linked In confirms that potentially millions of its passwords have been compromised – and this comes just a day after they were discovered to be sneaking data from mobile users may fall on the wrong site of privacy rules. Here’s what you need to do right now to protect your data and perhaps your identity.

The Digital Hunt for the Craigslist Killer Spawns Fresh Legal Issues

May 1st 2012

Along with a huge amount of info, photos and recordings around the “Craigslist Killer” investigation – the Boston Police’s release of its Facebook subpoena response raises a tangle of unresolved privacy issues. These include whether Facebook’s policies favor prosecutors, and the privacy of innocent friends. You can also listen in on the cat and mouse of the interrogation, which is on YouTube. Amazing.