Web 3.0: Beyond the Browser & Page

Five Years In: Looking at the Rate of Change in Digital Business Transformation

October 31st 2016

Five years ago today, on Halloween, I was headed to London to keynote my second conference there in five months. I’m on a runway again, so its a natural time to how much our thinking about digital business has changed – and where that puts us for the next big areas of digital innovation.

Why Apple Watch & Facebook Win as Pebble Watch & Twitter Struggle

June 15th 2015

The Apple Watch is a watershed product because it is a masterful consumerization of technology, and it begins to show how industries and our lives may change living among an Internet of Things.

New Apple Software Points the Way in Post PC World

July 23rd 2013

Apple’s new Logic Pro and Logic Remote shows an evolving mobile architecture in which the user interface to services is the high ground of business.

Plow Me: Its Uber for Snow Removal

February 9th 2013

Hold the phone – the Internet has delivered another slug of civilized goodness: Plow Me. The best web apps change service model design, here’s how Plow Me sets out to do just that.

Customer Experience Marketing: The Advantage of Preference

February 7th 2012

Here’s a taste of my latest thinking on Customer Experience Marketing as a unifying force in both business and digital marketing. I’m sharing this today at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego, and would love to get your thoughts on this.

On The Road Today: Check Out Mobile Marketing Boot Camp at OMS12

February 6th 2012

Sales of smart phones and tablets are now eclipsing PC sales, and smart marketers are lining to connect with this always on audience on their own terms. My ISITE Design colleague, Gene Ehrbar, and I have put together a half day Mobile Marketing Boot Camp which we’re sharing here in San Diego. Come get a preview!

Live From London: The Future of Digital Marketing – Mobile Marketing Data

June 15th 2011

Imaging writing a blog like this about the Future of Digital Marketing, and then discovering that hundreds of the best brand marketers in Europe are getting together for a conference with that exact title. So, this week I’m in London visiting with agencies and brands about the future of their digital businesses. Thanks to everyone […]

The Most Powerful Words in Marketing: I Am NOT the Target Market

May 31st 2011

Sometimes “not getting it” is the exactly right viewer experience for those who are “out of segment”. Witness Axe body spray, Friskies iPad app for cats, and the wisdom of Phil Johnson.

Making Sense of Microsoft’s $8.5 Billion Skype Phone Bill

May 12th 2011

Last night I was with Microsoft Online Services President, Qi Lu, who shared Microsoft’s view of the web’s future. Microsoft’s Skype purchases fits within a set of strategic themes that reflect how Microsoft sees its self and the digital landscape.

Shopping3.0: Multichannel Precision Marketing at the Store Shelf

May 3rd 2011

If you knew which customers were making decisions right at the store shelf, or on a showroom floor, would you talk to them differently than someone doing research from home?

Of course. Increasingly marketers are reaching shoppers through mobile devices as they make retail choices in stores. There’s a huge opportunity for digital marketing to come “inside the store” to provide realtime air support to help win sales.