Why Marketing Must Change


Digital Innovation Puts Us All In the Software Business

September 29th 2014

No matter what else you may do, if you rely on digital technology – and who doesn’t – then you are in the software business too. And this carries implications for your business as it grows today — and in how this software gets updated and iterated in the future.


Companies with Top Customer Experiences Out-Score Super Bowl Advertisers

January 31st 2013

A quick look at revenue growth over three years shows that companies loved by their clients grew more than twice as fast as Super Bowl advertisers.


Visual Hammers Come Before The Verbal Nails: Content and Digital Experience

May 4th 2012

One of the students I’ve gotten to know pointed this out as inspiring them to “make great marketing”. But it also raises the question about the centrality of words as the web makes greater use of video. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Do Less, Win More: Digital Strategy Is What *Not* to Do

February 13th 2012

The smart crowd’s fixation on the next big thing, and managers’ fear of picking just one shot and saying no to the rest, creates a failure loop. After all, betting on all the roulette squares guarantees long-term losses.


Customer Experience Marketing: The Advantage of Preference

February 7th 2012

Here’s a taste of my latest thinking on Customer Experience Marketing as a unifying force in both business and digital marketing. I’m sharing this today at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego, and would love to get your thoughts on this.


On The Road Today: Check Out Mobile Marketing Boot Camp at OMS12

February 6th 2012

Sales of smart phones and tablets are now eclipsing PC sales, and smart marketers are lining to connect with this always on audience on their own terms. My ISITE Design colleague, Gene Ehrbar, and I have put together a half day Mobile Marketing Boot Camp which we’re sharing here in San Diego. Come get a preview!


Breaking: Microsoft Guts Its Marketing Approach in Major Layoff

February 2nd 2012

In today’s layoff, Microsoft is pushing marketing out to product groups at the very moment most of its competitors are unifying and integrating their messages.


Applying Digital Strategy Across the Enterprise

September 25th 2011

Digital technology continues to disrupt markets, creating disproportionately profitable opportunities for firms that are able to reorganize around them. Today I taught an intro. version of my half day class in modeling business change, and I’ve posted the deck and a worksheet for download.


Podcamp Boston 6: The 7 Sins of Digital Innovation

September 25th 2011

Thank you to the Podcamp Boston 6 participants who joined in yesterday’s presentation and discussion about fixing the predictable things that hold digital innovation back. If you were unable to join us, this should give you a flavor of what became a pretty fun session.


QR Codes and Giant Rats: My Article in AdAge Stirs Debate & Approval

June 9th 2011

My article in this week’s Advertising Age takes on the over-use of QR-codes in advertising — and suggests that sometimes giant stuffed rats just work better than QR codes.