Loyalty in healthcare and empathy for all

My PK colleagues and I have experience working with well-known brands across industries; we’ve seen the impact that compelling membership structures can have on the consumer-brand relationship. In the process, we’ve developed our own model of connected membership designed to cultivate products and interactions that touch customers before, during and after care episodes to increase engagement and consumer loyalty.

This week, Healthcare Business Today, previewed a longer guide to Consumer Loyalty in Healthcare I’ve been working on with my PK Global co-worker, Stephanie Cohen.  It starts with a case study I’ve taught from at Rutgers the last few years, and cites some provocative polling about erosion of trust in healthcare, which got me thinking about how to a pandemic need for empathy.

There’s a much longer and more specific version of this coming — but for now, if you’re interested in Loyalty in Healthcare, these are our starter-thoughts.

Also, on the theme of having empathy during a time of societal trauma that war or epidemic brings.  I’d like to note Google’s Wellbeing Manifesto. Its essentially a full-page ad, made for social media. Its forward with empathetic sentiment, while being soft on branding – not directly promoting Google’s Wellbeing app. This is the kind of project I’ve enjoyed working on late in to the night, brand positioning with a chaser of humanity. This is as much a sign of the times, and how brands are trying to find their way to what they perceive as a much needed tone of caring.


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    This is the kind of project I’ve enjoyed working on late in to the night, brand positioning with a chaser of humanity.
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  • This is the kind of project I’ve enjoyed working on late in to the night, brand positioning with a chaser of humanity.

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    This is a reflection of the times and how businesses are attempting to adopt what they see as a critical caring tone.

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    Patients who feel listened to, respected and genuinely cared for are much more likely to be loyal to their providers who treat them in this way.

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