Big Ideas


News Three Count: The End of America as the Internet’s “Mac Daddy”

March 16th 2014

Taken together, this week’s news shows how the Internet is moving toward a more international “multi-pole” system of of influence, rather than the “America in the Middle” arrangement that has been its history to date.


Zeno’s Marketing Paradox: Native Advertising as a Ramp To Customer Experience

February 5th 2014

From Dell to EdX, Columbia Sportswear to Red Bull — advertising is increasingly less about claiming value, and more about delivering it through memorable experiences. That’s the secret behind Zeno’s Paradox of Marketing.


Is a World Without Ads Possible? We’re already halfway there.

February 3rd 2014

“What if there were no ads?” That was the question content marketers Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi asked in an episode of their podcast, This Old Marketing. It sounds like the start of John Lennon’s Imagine, but for marketers. What if there were just no ads?


Amanda Palmer Talks at Ted: The Art of Asking

March 4th 2013

Its no secret that I’m a fan of Amanda Palmer’s performance both on stage and online. Here’s her latest from the Ted conference.


Amanda Palmer Won’t Settle for Less. Monitizing engagement is just the start.

June 24th 2012

Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter triumph is awesome-ball cool, but it’s just the start. The real magic is what you can do with a business model based on fan love.


Do Less, Win More: Digital Strategy Is What *Not* to Do

February 13th 2012

The smart crowd’s fixation on the next big thing, and managers’ fear of picking just one shot and saying no to the rest, creates a failure loop. After all, betting on all the roulette squares guarantees long-term losses.


New York Announces Digital Roadmap. Will Massachusetts Lead, Follow or Abdicate?

May 17th 2011

Tonight, a few of us here in Massachusetts are having a discussion about what industry and government groups can do to Fuel Massachusett’s Digital Economy. As New York kicked off their plan to be the World’s leading digital city yesterday, its time to ask what role Boston and Massachusetts aspire to in the digital economy.


Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Hypocrisy and Digital Marketing’s Naivete

April 19th 2011

Before Jesse Jackson Jr. blamed unemployment on the iPad, he proposed a constitutional amendment to give an iPod and laptop to every student in the US. Digital marketers, meet your future regulator.


What Google +1 Means for Digital Marketers and Google’s Future

April 1st 2011

Google +1 is a critical priority to Google. Here’s why this still thin beta may still be the biggest shift of the year in search marketing. Spoiler alert: I see this as the gating event for repackaging Google’s many services as to a social network. And that’s a pretty great idea.


Tablets Change User Experience: Did You Just Bring Your iPad to Bed with You?

March 10th 2011

Just as the browser obsoleted AOL’s walled garden of content, the application experience is replacing the web page. And its about time…