Everything will be fine, unless something foreseen happens – risks and growth in the era of Covid-19

March 28th 2020

Covid-19 may both be the cause to change parts of life that have been overdue for a rethink, and the start of a Malthusian catastrophe. What big changes do you think coronavirus will cause?

Half Time Report: Bitcoin Bros and Pot Stocks Trade Places, IPOs Go Nuts

July 3rd 2018

We’re half a year in to 2018, so check back on my call on shifting markets, bitcoin bros, and if pot stocks is a mania or opportunity. The opinions are my own, and are just conversation, not advice.

Bitcoin Bros and Anxiety at the Top of the Business Cycle

December 31st 2017

Its been a remarkable year in investment, politics and culture. This is my personal take on where we’re at – and a first swing at what we can improve together in the new year. I’d love to here your thoughts and plans, and to encourage them however I can. Happy New Year.

The Antitrust Check on Supersized Healthcare Systems May Speed Global Expansion

February 3rd 2016

Hospital systems have a strong incentive to consolidate to gain scale, allowing them to more efficiently serve patients and to have stronger bargaining positions with payers. But the antitrust laws which may limit US growth, won’t satisfy systems’ hunger for scale. They seem likely to accelerate their global growth in to new markets and regulatory jurisdictions.

No Bubble Here: Pulitzer Prizes Show Social Media is Core to Newsroom

April 18th 2012

I’ve been hearing the words “social bubble” a lot this week, even as Huffington Post and Politico become the first blogs to win Pulitzers. That’s a chance to reconsider what a bubble really is – and why if anything I think the mature use of social media is still a rare and hot commodity.

Health Care is a Digital Marketing Frontier / Join Me for a Free Conference in Boston

March 29th 2012

Health Care reform is a hot topic: meet my friend, health care economist & blogger Austin Frakt. Also, get the scoop on a free digital marketing conference in Boston where I’ll talk about how digital marketing will help drive huge changes in the way we select health care.

Join Me for a Free Webinar: 5 Moves for Digital Success in 2012

December 12th 2011

Hey, it’s time we caught up! ISITE Design is sponsoring a free webinar in which I get to share the five things you need to do now to drive your digital business’ success. This has been an amazing year of working with great marketers around the world. I’m thrilled to have a chance to share […]

Making Sense of Microsoft’s $8.5 Billion Skype Phone Bill

May 12th 2011

Last night I was with Microsoft Online Services President, Qi Lu, who shared Microsoft’s view of the web’s future. Microsoft’s Skype purchases fits within a set of strategic themes that reflect how Microsoft sees its self and the digital landscape.

What Google +1 Means for Digital Marketers and Google’s Future

April 1st 2011

Google +1 is a critical priority to Google. Here’s why this still thin beta may still be the biggest shift of the year in search marketing. Spoiler alert: I see this as the gating event for repackaging Google’s many services as to a social network. And that’s a pretty great idea.

Breaking: IBM to Acquire Unica for $480M

August 13th 2010

Extending the digital marketing investment and IPO streak we called back in December, today the Wall Street Journal reports that IBM will acquire Unica for $480M. See details: Wall St. Journal Related Posts on Digital Investment: 2010 Prediction: Digital Marketing IPOs Skyrocket <Dec 27> Read the Steamy FriendFinder Prospectus: A Dating and Porn IPO <Jan […]