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You Deserve Faster Internet, Phone Companies Want to Block Change by Law

February 9th 2015

Phone companies have helped to put laws on near 20 states books to stop cities from providing fast, publicly-owned Internet access. Last month President Obama proposed that the FCC to strike down these rules, and guess who is fighting to block it?


Admiral McRaven to Become Chancellor of U Texas System at Record Salary

August 21st 2014

Admiral William McRaven, head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, will be the next chancellor of the University of Texas System – and earn a record salary.


Supreme Court Sides with Individual Rights on Harris v. Quinn and Hobby Lobby

June 30th 2014

After watching a string of technology focused rulings last week, its today’s pair of conventional cases that has my interest. Today’s 5-4 rulings protect individual rights to associate to exercise religious conscience – in ways which limit the influence of unions and the universality of the Affordable Care Act.


Lucky or Smart – Will Turn Out To Be Either?

October 25th 2013

A lot of opinions have been shared about the website — but few from people who have run challenging government IT initiatives themselves. I’ve done that a few times in several states, and the patterns that create risk in this kind of work are evident from a distance.


Meet John Barranco: Bully, Embezzler and “Educator”

September 21st 2011

The John Barranco I knew was a scary, mean, egotistical, opportunistic, visionary but selfish man. He was insightful, manipulative, and too often stupid with range. And along the way he may have made off with 30 million dollars intended for disabled kids.


New York Announces Digital Roadmap. Will Massachusetts Lead, Follow or Abdicate?

May 17th 2011

Tonight, a few of us here in Massachusetts are having a discussion about what industry and government groups can do to Fuel Massachusett’s Digital Economy. As New York kicked off their plan to be the World’s leading digital city yesterday, its time to ask what role Boston and Massachusetts aspire to in the digital economy.


Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Hypocrisy and Digital Marketing’s Naivete

April 19th 2011

Before Jesse Jackson Jr. blamed unemployment on the iPad, he proposed a constitutional amendment to give an iPod and laptop to every student in the US. Digital marketers, meet your future regulator.


The Best Social Media Policy Guidelines May Be From Oz

April 7th 2011

If anyone can get social media policy right, it will be the Australians. The Australian state of Victoria may have set a new gold standard for rolling out a social media policy. Take a look.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World…Wide Web

July 30th 2010

Recently, numerous political groups have been quite upfront about their intent to exert authority over different parts of the online world.  It seems everybody want to rule the Web. Dept of Justice moves to regulate Web through accessibility standards. FCC proposes to regulate Web access via broadband, claims it’s part of regulating telcos. Commerce Dept [...]

On Lawyer Advertising, Free Speech, Personal Injury Law, Ethics and Decency

April 12th 2010

This is  a story about Eric and Jack, who both blog about the law with an eye on topics that are enlightening, ennobling, or at least entertaining. By now you’ve probably heard about Eric Turkewitz, who wrote an April 1st post in his NY Personal Injury Law Blog announcing he was the new Whitehouse blogger. [...]