Marketing truth: 99% of customers don’t care, until they do

April 20th 2019

On my commute home I saw this fellow waring a shirt that said: “There’s a 99% change I don’t care.” Yes, he posed for this photo – and agreed its a message that could set a lot of people in business free.

Google’s Adwords Redesign Beats Space Elevators and Robot Cars

April 3rd 2016

Sure, Google is full of exciting projects – but how about using design to fix ‘the money door’ which drives literally all of its current profits? Wouldn’t that be at least as exciting as designing concepts for markets that don’t yet exist? If your design work follows the money or user frustration – then, at Google, all roads leads to Adwords.

Global forces drive digital business and Amazon readies to join the travel biz

November 23rd 2014

Google reconsiders doing business in Chiga, and the EU wonders aloud about breaking Google up. Amazon readies to enter the travel biz, US TV focuses on shows that translate globally, and Netflix pursues the “old people” demographic.

What Google +1 Means for Digital Marketers and Google’s Future

April 1st 2011

Google +1 is a critical priority to Google. Here’s why this still thin beta may still be the biggest shift of the year in search marketing. Spoiler alert: I see this as the gating event for repackaging Google’s many services as to a social network. And that’s a pretty great idea.

China Paints Social Media and Arab Revolution as Info-Opium Trade From the West

March 6th 2011

A story arc is growing in China that Google is not just a search engine tool — it is a tool to extend American hegemony…and that the influence of social media in recent Arab revolutions just proves that point. The story, now on 300 party sites, paints online media from the West is a tool for Western domination no less than opium trade.

As Not Seen on TV: WebTV Titans Vie and Cut Deals with TV Broadcasters

October 28th 2010

Audience Platforms Emerge as the New Networks We are now among 2 billion people on the Internet.  Have you noticed that we’re increasingly spending the bulk of our time on an ever-smaller handful of hub websites? According to data from Compete in 2001, 30 percent of all Internet traffic went to the top 10 visited […]

Web Performance Matters: How To Speed-Up Sites to Increase Digital Marketing Results

September 3rd 2010

Last fall I started to worry about this site’s performance.  The process of posting and viewing pages was becoming alarmingly slow.  Everyone who works on the site noticed it, and I started to wonder if sometime soon I’d sign on to find a major server crash, and potentially tons of lost data to restore. So […]

Research Shows Faster Sites Sell and Rank Better: Free Tools To Improve Web Performance

August 31st 2010

Your site visitor’s experience starts with waiting for that first page to load.  Does the speed of a website really influence visitors buying decisions on it? You bet it does. New research from e-commerce websites backs this perception up with lots of hard data. Improving pageload speed helps: Increases conversion rates, page views, and time […]

Everybody Wants to Rule the World…Wide Web

July 30th 2010

Recently, numerous political groups have been quite upfront about their intent to exert authority over different parts of the online world.  It seems everybody want to rule the Web. Dept of Justice moves to regulate Web through accessibility standards. FCC proposes to regulate Web access via broadband, claims it’s part of regulating telcos. Commerce Dept […]

Google and Topeka Swap Names for a Day: Trademark Hilarity Ensues

April 1st 2010

Last month, the mayor of Topeka, Kansas, stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. Now Google has honored that gesture by changing its name name to Topeka for April Fools’ Day. This makes Bill Bunten the Mayor of Google and Eric Schmidt the CEO of Topeka, Inc. Of course, […]