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Klout Score’s Anti Rapture: Scores Suddenly Drop to Hell

May 23rd 2011

The Tweeting world woke up today to find that many Klout scores have dropped, in some cases to nearly nothing. Regardless of the cause, this is a huge screw-up for Klout, because it raises a question among its believers, “What does Klout Score measure anyway?”

Yes, You Can Learn Social Media in School: Social Marketing and eCommerce at Bentley College

November 4th 2010

The session started with a 15-minute quiz on the latest social media phenoms of the last week: what’s up with Angry Birds, men buried in Skittles, and Evernote’s funding round?  It’s all part of being socialized into the constant flow of always-on social media, says adjunct professor Mari Anne Snow, who makes being on top […]

Join Me for Free Full Day of Social Media Training with the Online Marketing Summit

October 26th 2010

Please join me and other UsefulArtists at an amazing, free, online event hosted by the Online Marketing Summit. One of the great things about social media is the generosity among practitioners, and the real relationships that develop. That’s why I’m thrilled to be part of a line-up of social media pros who are giving away […]

Join Me Wednesday Night for a Free After Work Webinar on Social Marketing Measurement

October 4th 2010

Social Marketing ROI & Beyond This Wednesday night at 8:30PM I’ll be online to talk shop with you about one of the hottest topics in marketing, social measurement. Sign-up here. Are you getting tired of that nagging question about Social Marketing ROI? There’s a reason why calculating the return on social marketing is harder than […]

Domain Strategy Can Triple Your Organic Traffic

September 28th 2010

The core of digital strategy is finding your firm’s unfair advantage. This means disrupting symmetrical thinking (large goals need large solutions) with asymmetrical solutions (large results can come from tiny, smart changes.) Here are examples of ways to beat competitors and gain new traffic using domain strategy. Think of Your Domains as a Team of […]

Web Performance Matters: How To Speed-Up Sites to Increase Digital Marketing Results

September 3rd 2010

Last fall I started to worry about this site’s performance.  The process of posting and viewing pages was becoming alarmingly slow.  Everyone who works on the site noticed it, and I started to wonder if sometime soon I’d sign on to find a major server crash, and potentially tons of lost data to restore. So […]

Research Shows Faster Sites Sell and Rank Better: Free Tools To Improve Web Performance

August 31st 2010

Your site visitor’s experience starts with waiting for that first page to load.  Does the speed of a website really influence visitors buying decisions on it? You bet it does. New research from e-commerce websites backs this perception up with lots of hard data. Improving pageload speed helps: Increases conversion rates, page views, and time […]

Update: Webtrends Buys App Platform Start-Up Transpond, Boosts Social Media Analytics

August 10th 2010

Web analytics stalwart Webtrends is increasing its ability to measure traffic from Facebook users and iPhone owners with the acquisition of app platform provider Transpond. They see the acquisition as a complement to their purchase of landing-page optimizer Widemile (now Webtrends Optimize). The Bay Area start-up employs 10, and provides a suite of software-as-a-service tools that […]

Social Media ROI: How to Track Social Visitors to Your Firm’s Site with Google Analytics

July 22nd 2010

Yesterday I tweeted about a technique for using images to get traffic statistics on Facebook fan pages.  While sizing traffic on social sites is fascinating, the playbook for many businesses is to acquire awareness on social sites and then drive qualified leads to the corporate site for deeper engagement. If you can segment social traffic, […]

Google Analytics Adds Apps – How Cool is That!

May 5th 2010

The cool kids all have apps these days, and Google Analytics has no wish to be the last to the party. Yesterday at the eMetrics Summit (and on the Google Analytics blog), Google announced several additions to its Analytics offerings, including better integration with AdWords and a Google Analytics App Gallery. The Apps Gallery is […]