Python Strikes Back with Generosity!

Among the most downloaded of all YouTube videos are anything to do with Monty Python. Thank God. You can see clips from their TV show and movies, all for free. Free, you free-loading cheap bastards. Short on shekels, are we? Too skint to cough up the occasional fiver for quality senseless comedy? You make me sick, you do.

Well, now you can get your Monty Python fix in all its digital, high-quality-video glory. Rather than prosecuting every little oink who has illegally uploaded copyrighted material, the wise elders of Python have taken a very different tack: Instead of doing the typical large-corporation thing of attacking one’s customer fan-base, why not use the internet to create demand for sales of your videos? No sense sending in the Spanish Inquisition, is there?

What a rare bit of wisdom in this age of digital rights management, confiscatory fines and dead parrots.

They truly get it. Now THAT’s completely different.

Right, now go off and view the Monty Python Channel and buy their videos, before I taunt you a second time.


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