November 10, 2008

Sue Magazine, for Women in Litigation

November 10th 2008

I didn’t make this up. Really. Demolishing stereotypes. Acknowledging strengths. A publication for women, not of a certain experience level – but of a certain attitude. For $50 you can subscribe to a magazine which, hopefully, will see its first issue. Considering its subscriber base, it had better. Some magazines publish “user-generated content”, but in […]

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Linden? Recession Comes To Second Life, Too

November 10th 2008

Linden Labs makes the bulk of its proceeds by “selling land.” That is, people pay a monthly fee for server time to build space stations, office parks, night clubs or elf lairs they can call their own. And just as the global housing market has dropped, so has its virtual-world counterpart. The Silicon Alley Insider […]