November 24, 2008

Don’t Miss Tuesday’s Free Online Seminar: What gTLDs Mean for Brand Owners

November 24th 2008

There has been plenty of discussion on Useful Arts about what ICANN describes as the “revolutionary” landscape it is set to unleash. Some examples include: Life on Earth to Continue Despite ICANN, and Why Does Telnic Think Anyone Wants a Domain Named After The Phone? Tuesday morning at 9AM you can hear an impressive group […]

Python Strikes Back with Generosity!

November 24th 2008

Among the most downloaded of all YouTube videos are anything to do with Monty Python. Thank God. You can see clips from their TV show and movies, all for free. Free, you free-loading cheap bastards. Short on shekels, are we? Too skint to cough up the occasional fiver for quality senseless comedy? You make me sick, […]