October 2008

Presidential Pumpkin Politics

October 31st 2008

Simultaneously the most stupid and awesome thing about this election: political pumpkin carving. I’m not being snarky – go watch this video from “Yes, We Carve” and just try not to break out laughing. It’s terrific because of all the things we know beyond what the video says. Right after 9-11, one of my neighbors […]

Nonpartisan Minilinks: I’m Fixated by Election 2.0

October 30th 2008

Video your vote YouTube and PBS have teamed up to ask US voters to document their voting experiences. You’re invited to upload video of you voting to their site Video Your Vote. Our friends at the Berkman Center’s Citizen Media Law Project have even made a video about how to make a video while you […]

The Christian Science Monitor’s “Middle Road” To Greater Utility

October 29th 2008

Yesterday’s announcement that The Christian Science Monitor will end daily publication this spring in favor of online journalism and a new weekly publication is more a relief (and a joy) than a shock to many of its biggest fans. I spent several years working with the church’s publications, including helping set online strategy for the […]

Is Leaving Negative Feedback on eBay Libelous?

October 29th 2008

Can you be sued for leaving negative seller feedback on eBay? Chris Read, a 42-year-old mechanic from the UK, purchased a mobile phone on eBay for £155 (about $246). When it arrived, he discovered it was not the model that was advertised and that it was not in very good condition. Read followed standard eBay […]

Useful Arts Co-Founds “Ask the President Elect”; You Can Too

October 27th 2008

Eight years ago we saw online campaigning emerge. This year the current presidential election established the interactive channel as the decisive element in fundraising, organizing and getting the word out. Now, candidates and supporters appear ready to transform online political networks into an ongoing dialog that will be as integral to governing as it has […]