Presidential Pumpkin Politics

Simultaneously the most stupid and awesome thing about this election: political pumpkin carving.

I’m not being snarky – go watch this video from “Yes, We Carve” and just try not to break out laughing. It’s terrific because of all the things we know beyond what the video says.

Right after 9-11, one of my neighbors was so charged with emotion that he painted his house as a giant American flag. Yes, the entire house. As a result of similar actions across the country, an industry popped up, supplying car-mountable flags and other regalia, underscoring where people had their hearts in the moment. Americans will make their own soapboxes rather than wait for one to be assigned to them. It’s important not to take that for granted. In fact, it’s pretty cool to see.

Anyone who publishes a blog about a micro-niche topic, like IP rights in China, or old buildings in Boston, can appreciate the joy of standing around a soapbox with friends on Halloween.

Thanks for visiting today, and Happy Halloween.

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