Tech Exuberance Leads to Presidential Twitter “Debate”

Better living through Twitter.NPR suspended its skepticism and asked Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, how can Twitter change the presidential debate? Well gosh.

Here’s a short list of ways Twitter might change political debate in America.

  1. It will delay the real political change that only debate in Haiku can provide.
  2. Twitter abbreviations such as “They h8 us bcse we’re free” will politically re-energize fans of Prince lyrics.
  3. It will focus the nation on the vital issue of improving Twitter’s uptime to more than six hours a day.
  4. Obama aces the debate with: “We nd chng in wshntn, chng we cn belv in.”
  5. Speed thumb-typing on cell phones will become a new political specialty. Consultants will add this to their resumes.
  6. Everyone will finally get it. Complex policies are best summarized in 140 characters or less. Lesson from the 2004 election: nuance is for losers.

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