June 18, 2008

Scepticism of Pre-Olympic China, and of Great Firewall Metaphors

June 18th 2008

The US-China Economic and Security Commission held hearings today on access to information and media control in China. There’s more than a little scepticism about promises of openness being more talk than action. IP blogging hero Ron Coleman also came right out today and essentially called China’s recent IP reform announcements a PR effort, which […]

Is LinkedIn for Sale? Does That Mean Your Personal Information Is, Too?

June 18th 2008

Bain Capital has bought a 53 million stake in the social networking site LinkedIn. This would bring the total valuation for LinkedIn to just above $1 billion. Bain invests in and sell companies, so its involvement is an additional sign that LinkedIn may be headed toward a sale.  So, why now? And does this raise potential privacy concerns?

Ticket2Final: Placing a Small Bet to Get Championship Tickets

June 18th 2008

Last year I wrote a brief analysis of why sports venues benefit by restricting ticket resale. It is hard to think of any other instance, perhaps other than land ownership, where the resale of your asset can be restricted or outright denied. Further, anything which makes honest people hide from police as if they were […]