April 2010

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Tips, Including: You Should Do This!

April 29th 2010

Get “Officially Good” at Analytics For digital managers, being analytics savvy is as much an executive requirement as financial acumen. Though most management programs don’t focus on web analytics, there is a straightforward way to get a great introduction through the world’s most-used system: Google Analytics. Last year, Google started Conversion University, which provides a comprehensive […]

Terry Childs, ‘Maniacal’ City Network Engineer, Found Guilty

April 28th 2010

Back in July of 2008 we covered the story of Terry Childs, a network administrator for the City of San Francisco, who was imprisoned after taking sole control of the city’s network.  Though services were not interrupted, he locked out the rest of the city’s IT staff from the city’s network. After the Mayor of […]

Four Truths Your Digital Marketing Colleagues Should Know

April 27th 2010

Imagine you’re at a digital marketing conference today; there are four sessions about to start. Come on in. Are Online Marketers Over-Spending On Acquisition? Yep! Is Simplicity the Good Manners of Our Age? Laws of Simplicity and Simplicity in Laws Website Competitive Intelligence: Don’t Manage to Bogus Data Add Video to Your Marketing Mix Now: […]

Hype Aside, These Are Amazing Days for Apple

April 26th 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, these are spectacular days for Apple.  Its stock is trading at an all-time high, and its last report to the street showed a 90 percent increase in profits. In fact, Apple’s  growth has made it a challenger to Microsoft in terms of market valuation.  The chart to the right shows […]

Watch The Academy Award Winning Animated Short ‘Logorama’ Online

April 24th 2010

Got 16 minutes to watch an fun Academy Awarding winning animation short for free? Better still, for us IP law geeks, its all trademarks! Come take a look…

The Four Myths of Web Analytics Every Digital Marketer Must Know

April 22nd 2010

Digital marketing is different from traditional media channels because it is inherently measurable. All the other great attributes of this channel — user participation, mobility, video, personal networks — are built on top of this quantifiable benefit. Measurability is our medium’s killer app. So why do most organizations and websites fail to use web analytics […]

The 3 Buckets of Web Distribution: Get On To the Pageless Web

April 20th 2010

In the cloud, nobody can tell if you’re a web page. In talking with people about the post The Siteless Web and the End of Brand Website Rule: Web 3.0, I found myself suggesting that online visitors will encounter us through three types of experiences: Sites we control: traditional, publishing-based information distribution. Sites others control: […]

The Siteless Web and the End of Brand Website Rule: Web 3.0

April 15th 2010

Online changes seem to happen quickly, but their beginnings are often apparent years in advance. And legal factors provide signals to business about the stability of these new systems. This is an idea I hope we can start to discuss in all the places we talk about the future of the Web. It is from […]

On Lawyer Advertising, Free Speech, Personal Injury Law, Ethics and Decency

April 12th 2010

This is  a story about Eric and Jack, who both blog about the law with an eye on topics that are enlightening, ennobling, or at least entertaining. By now you’ve probably heard about Eric Turkewitz, who wrote an April 1st post in his NY Personal Injury Law Blog announcing he was the new Whitehouse blogger. […]

There’s Lots of UsefulArts on Twitter

April 10th 2010

Last week, UsefulArts had its 1,000th subscriber join us on Twitter.  For those of you who have encouraged me, thanks. Its been fun joining you on Twitter! If you’re a new reader from Twitter, welcome. And thank you to everyone who has pointed out topics,  and kicked around first takes on ideas that later show […]