April 1, 2010

Google and Topeka Swap Names for a Day: Trademark Hilarity Ensues

April 1st 2010

Last month, the mayor of Topeka, Kansas, stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. Now Google has honored that gesture by changing its name name to Topeka for April Fools’ Day. This makes Bill Bunten the Mayor of Google and Eric Schmidt the CEO of Topeka, Inc. Of course, […]

April Fools’ Day Joke’s On Twitter: New Design Hacked With Porn

April 1st 2010

Just yesterday CNET featured Twitter’s roll-out of its homepage, which has been redesigned for newbies.  One of the new features is a built-in view of the Tweetstream of a popular keyword. When I logged in this morning, the featured word was “Moscow” — but all the Tweets it featured were pornographic images. This may have […]