Disconnect & Howl at Meteors: My Off Topic Vacation Post

Just before 2011 started I wrote a post called Solitude, God and Social Media. Taking my own advice, I’m taking most of August away from online media — and right now am riding horses, camping out, and fixing to watch the Perseid meteor shower which is now underway. I’ve marked my calendar for these since I was a 14 year old at Camp Abe Lincoln somewhere in Iowa. This is my annual night of howling at the sky. If its clear Thursday or Friday, come take a look.

The Christian Science Monitor has good advice for avoiding the full moon’s light in order to see the most meteors. Of course a night out looking at the moon is pretty nice too – so call up that special someone and get out your star viewing blanket.

I’ve been saving these two videos up. They’re great calls to take an offline breath. I’ll have a lot of news and fresh takes on digital strategy in September, and I’m thrilled with the client work, speaking, and teaching that starts this fall. But for now, if you know someone who needs to disconnect, I’d suggest sharing  these two videos that urge netizens to soak in some real life.

Happy Summer,

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