September 2011

Beer, Bikers and Brands: Why Stunt Marketing Should Be in Your Video Content Strategy

September 30th 2011

Carlsberg Beer packed a theater with tough-looking biker types, with just two seats remaining, in the middle of the crowd. Would you go for the seats? If so – “then that deserves a Carlsberg”. Its a case where stunt marketing and viral video create a real brand experience.

I’m Back: Like a Heart Attack (Bangers and Mash Anyone?)

September 28th 2011

Get the update on my missing car, plans to return to London for more digital future, and a digital marketer on horseback.

Applying Digital Strategy Across the Enterprise

September 25th 2011

Digital technology continues to disrupt markets, creating disproportionately profitable opportunities for firms that are able to reorganize around them. Today I taught an intro. version of my half day class in modeling business change, and I’ve posted the deck and a worksheet for download.

Podcamp Boston 6: The 7 Sins of Digital Innovation

September 25th 2011

Thank you to the Podcamp Boston 6 participants who joined in yesterday’s presentation and discussion about fixing the predictable things that hold digital innovation back. If you were unable to join us, this should give you a flavor of what became a pretty fun session.

Meet John Barranco: Bully, Embezzler and “Educator”

September 21st 2011

The John Barranco I knew was a scary, mean, egotistical, opportunistic, visionary but selfish man. He was insightful, manipulative, and too often stupid with range. And along the way he may have made off with 30 million dollars intended for disabled kids.

Podcamp is This Weekend in Boston: Its Not Complete Without You!

September 20th 2011

Its that time again – here’s my quick take on this year’s Podcamp Boston schedule, and why you might want to get in on it if you’re in the area.

Netflix Fragments Its Brand in a Self-Made Disaster

September 19th 2011

Absent its DVD by mail business, Hollywood now holds the fate of Netflix in its hands. Will it say “Deal” or “No Deal”?

The Future of Marketing Starts Today: Day One of FutureM in Boston

September 12th 2011

Today’s the first day of FutureM, the week-long conference on the Future of Marketing, taking place here in Boston. Here’s my take on the day, and where I’ll be. If you’re around, come say hi.

Animators Remember 9/11 with Short Clips

September 10th 2011

Sometimes not talking too much about something important is the best way to honor it. So, join me in taking off your work hat, and watch a few postcards from animators. See you next week.