Beer, Bikers and Brands: Why Stunt Marketing Should Be in Your Video Content Strategy

Marketing is an emotional process. And it’s the strength of feelings we have from brand experiences that sears a brand into our consciousness.

Sometimes brands have great stories to share. Increasingly, marketers are taking a page from P.T. Barnum and creating stunts that become hooks for these experiences.

It can be transfixing. Take the recent stunt that Duval Guillaume Modem produced to reinforce the ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg” campaign.

A theater packed to the hilt with tough-looking biker types, and just two seats for the film remain, right in the middle of the crowd.

The video shows overwhelmed couples considering whether they should take to the exit or pardon their way past the toughies to claim their seat. Of course the tenacious few are rewarded with applause and let in on the joke with a cold beer and a cheerful toast.

This is an ad that takes you on an adventure. It takes a risk, and expects that its audience will get the joke and appreciate its humor. And along the way, it communicates who Carlsberg thinks their beer is for, and what it might be to be a Carlsberg drinker.  That’s more than a stunt; it’s smart branding.

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