Update: Post About BigBad Interactive Draws Insider Views of Agency Demise

When you partner with a firm, their weaknesses become yours.  So reading an agency and its stress points is a client-side survival skill.

big-badWith that in mind, last month I connected the stories of three Boston-area interactive agencies, each of which diversified from selling services to products: BigBad Interactive, Magic Hour and Fable Vision.

To my surprise and delight, former and current employees contacted me to add to my outsider perspective.  The post also drew a string of comments focused on allegations  of malfeasance, greed, and betrayal at BigBad Interactive. These are the kinds of allegations that the Department of Labor and Attorneys General quoted in the post and were confirmed by news coverage.

On Jul 21, 2010, SeenTheEvil said:

Yeah, bigBad had a pattern of stealing from employee 401(k) plans (hence the DOR investigation) and a lack of ethics at the highest level. That the man who ran it into the ground is now in a position to do that to another company and blames everyone BUT himself demonstrates why BigBad, with so much talent, is but a memory.

You can read the string of comments here.

I’m still a fan of each of these organizations in their heyday.  Today, BigBad’s nameplate sits above my desk as a reminder of how fast digital smug-fests can turn — and how easily talent and generosity can be squandered.

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  • ExBigBadder

    August 6, 2010

    What? You didn’t get a coffee mug from BigBad?

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