Online Marketing Summit 2011: Digital Marketing’s Cutting Edge

I woke up over route 495 this morning. My dinner of pizza, Sominex, and strong beverage actually made my overnight passage from San Diego one of the most restful nights I’ve had in some time. That’s thanks to the Online Marketing Summit.

Just like firms, every conference has its pockets of excellence. And I was returning from OMS, which is known for its  explicit commitment to socializing and nightlife – along with a promotion-free community for marketers to connect in sessions on  emerging ideas and pragmatic best practices in digital marketing.

I had been challenged to help open the conference by finding the biggest area of change for digital marketing, and to present it in a way that would engage the audience and provide actionable next steps for leading their teams. So, as a writer on the future of digital marketing, I provided a deep dive on Web3.0: the Era of Online Application Experience.  This idea of Web3.0 as a pageless web — driven by semantic data, html5, and mobile devices is something I’ve been talking and writing about here since 2007 (see the post Web3.0: Envisioning the Web’s Next Big Change). Its been amazing to watch forces combine to drive this change, and for this idea to be more broadly recognized.

SocialSitecore did a great live blogging the session. And Virginia Nussey over at the  Internet Marketing Tools Blog did a fantastic feature on how this Web3.0 Application Experience Revolution will percolate through social, SEO, and content marketing. You’ll get a great overview on these topics by taking a quick look at them.

I’m thrilled to be back in the office with the Sokolove legal marketing team, and I’ll provide more of a conference wrap up and more on what is shaping up to be the year of tablets, mobile, and a shift toward a more application like online experience.

Thanks again for coming by!

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