January 2011

The Year of Web 3.0 Kicks Off with a Free Chat Jan. 27

January 26th 2011

Hey, I’m going to be on Web radio tomorrow – and it would be awesome have you join me and my fantastic host, Debbie Qaqish on Revenue Marketing Radio. Come get the scoop on the show, and Web3.0.

The Darker Side of Corporations “Getting Social”

January 25th 2011

At first social media looked like a pathway to “hyper-empowered” consumers. But as corporations get good at social, their automation, analytics and use of personal data will produced “hyper-empowered” marketers. Once “brand you” has a valuation, the big brands will make their own influence markets.

Take a Lesson from the Marines: It’s Not Gear That Wins in War or Digital Marketing

January 21st 2011

Let’s face it well-placed warrior could probably do more damage with a screwdriver then I could with a whole crate of explosives. Read how digital strategy and having the right people are prerequisites for planning your marketing technology approach.

Steal this Blog Post (While You Still Can)

January 17th 2011

In just a few years I think geeks will look back to 2010 like hippies recall the bashes of the halcyon late sixties. Here are 5 things I think you’ll miss about 2010 in 2015.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Picking Your Digital Wins

January 12th 2011

Like politics, strategy is the art of the possible. And as strategy pursues corporate goals, it has to navigate the pecularities of the organization while marshalling its assets. In this video, I share some thoughts on the FutureM conference on the Future of Digital Strategy, as well as some words from Harvard’s Perry Hewitt, who […]

Democrats Free Speech Power Grab: Is Your Blog a Press or a Public Accommodation?

January 9th 2011

Life is metaphors, I live on them. And so does the law, when it comes to the digital world. Obama officials claim your online life is a “public accomodation” like a restroom (so it can be regulated). But I say that parts of our online lives are form more like virtual presses. And presses are protected because the lead to unfettered speech.

The Time for Brand Insurrection Has Arrived; Six Pack Abs Are Still Optional

January 5th 2011

Research from McKinsey shows that customers (not marketers) now create two thirds of brand touchpoints. “Humanize or be humanized” was a key message 40 brand insurrectionists shared at the first ever BrandsConf in New York. Here’s my take on this event and the need to “human size” brands.