December 2010

Solitude, God and Social Media or: Stop Tweeting and Listen.

December 19th 2010

Solitude – something freely available to everyone – seems rarer than all our hand-held technical marvels made of the most exotic materials on earth. A look at our digital lives, the night, and why we’re better for occasionally departing from the social stream.

Do You Like Who Twitter Says You’re Like?

December 17th 2010

Twitter’s started telling me who I’m like. Its like a weegie board. As someone once said on Seinfeld: “Oh my God! My TiVo thinks I’m gay!” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. So, do you like who Twitter says you’re like? And can you beat Twitter at its own game?

How Small Business Marketers Can Move Up the Digital Marketing Adoption Curve

December 14th 2010

Barbara Bix from The Top Line blog has made a series of posts on my advice for small businesses that want to use digital marketing to grow revenue. While firms may need some new tools, they can leverage huge competitive benefits from the talent and drive of smart, focused, marketing.

Nationalism and Your Personal Life: How Privacy Will Reach Its Market Inflection

December 7th 2010

Would you be reluctant participate in a social network that provides backdoor access to a foreign intelligence agency? Consider that the rest of the world already is, and that every government is asking for just such access to services running in their jurisdictions. Nationalism brings a whole new gravitas to personal privacy, and foreign debt.

Is WikiLeaks Ethical, Criminal, or an Immune Nuisance?

December 3rd 2010

Washington politicians are falling over each other to establish who can be the most bombastic about WikiLeaks. But is there a crime or ethical offense the website is guilty of?