February 2011

And the Winner Is .. Dueling iPad Apps at the Oscars

February 28th 2011

In the future, you can count on digital marketers from event stakeholders to have competing online applications which their groups use to add their special perspective. Here’s a view of the Oscar Awards via applications from The Academy, ABC, and Vanity Fair.

The Boston Hack Day Challenge: Make an App for a Better City

February 27th 2011

This weekend I joined over 200 developers and designers who spent the weekend competing to build the best site or mobile app to make life better in Boston. Boston.com pulled the event together, which took place at the  start-up accelerator, MassChallenge. We have 20 years experience of the Boston Computer Society, MIMC, MITX and MTC […]

Check Today’s Boston Globe on Klout and the Ascent of the Social Media Climber

February 18th 2011

I’m featured in the Globe today in a fun article about Klout and its excesses. So, what do you say? Is it Tarot cards for the social set, or your next FICO score? Take a read, and let me know what you think.

Web 3.0: Is this the End of the Digital World As We Know It?

February 15th 2011

The combination of convenience, more immersive app experiences, and greater device and data interoperability will drive a user experience revolution. I’ve talked about this since 2007, but it’s our industry’s story for 2011.

The Best “Website Under Construction” Page is Egyptian

February 14th 2011

The best ever “under construction” sign has replaced the website of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Come take a look, and imagine what this site could be like in the future.

Online Marketing Summit 2011: Digital Marketing’s Cutting Edge

February 11th 2011

I woke up over route 495 this morning. My dinner of pizza, Sominex, and strong beverage actually made my overnight flight from San Diego one of the most restful nights I’ve had in some time. That’s thanks to the Online Marketing Summit.