Web 3.0 – Envisioning the Web’s Next Big Change

The definition of web 2.0 is still like a bit like pornography, that is, we know it when we see it. That aside, I’d like to start a discussion of a set of forces which I believe promise to create change on the web greater than web 2.0.

I’d appreciate any thoughts you might add, or critique of this post’s general direction.

If web 2.0 is characterized by user participation, I submit that web 3.0 will be characterized by integration of the web into a set of application experiences. If user generated content is a mainstay of 2.0 – then machine integrated content is the base of web 3.0.

Wikipedia has started to cover several visions of this next wave of change. However the discussion to date lacks this unifying concept. I believe that systematic integration is already chaning the web through the using XML, ASP business models, open id/federated identity, rich media applications, mash-ups, and open APIs.

Not only may the web of the future not look much like the static html pages of 1.0, or threaded discussions of 2.0……in fact, in many cases it may not appear to be the Web. Applications will consume and produce public web content — but consumers seem likely to have an increasingly mediated experience – often through what they consider to be an applicaiton.

This removes the metaphor of the browser as a single uniform window on an equivalent content on the world wide web. Thanks to this integration, xml, and a set of asp business practices the web is increasingly consumable data.

Does this seem like some late to develop corners of web2.0? Or do these lead in a different direction? And does this more integrated part of the web have a substantially higher barrier of entry and requirement for teams of specialists rather than lone gunmen on the web?

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