Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Wrap-Up


We are this year’s version of last year’s rehearsing.

Thanks to everyone from the conference, especially the 230 attendees, for making this an extraordinary two days.  Today my boss at Sokolove Law blogged about me, claiming me as “Our Own Marketing Sherpa.” Three years ago, this conference introduced me to lead gen and the platform I’ve used since then. It was a privilege to share some cool stuff we did, and to encourage this community to take it up a notch.

Some conference notes are here on improving lead quantity, velocity, nurturing, quality, and sales alignment.

I continue to believe the design behind online marketing is less fine art than industrial design. Digital marketing is driven by mapping and improving marketing processes.  That’s where the scale results are — but for the most part, those who lead marketing today got there from brand expertise.

Many lack experience in creating closed-loop processes with sales.  The technology is ahead of the people and processes that they require, and that’s the need this conference helps fill.

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