October 2009

Teen Burglars Use Tabloid Smarts to Rob Celebrities

October 30th 2009

In a season where teen vampires are all the rage, can a drama following a real-life band of teen burglars looting celebrities be far behind? (For Halloween, I’ll be dressed as them!) The Net was their accomplice. The teens tracked the movements of stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and broke into their […]

Website Competitive Intelligence: Don’t Manage to Bogus Data

October 23rd 2009

How can you determine the size of a blog or website’s traffic? Finding reliable website competitive intelligence benchmarks is hugely important, and a real challenge on the web. Too often people buy-in to bogus measures. There is perhaps a false hope to find that big “standings board” similar to major league baseball.  After all, standings […]

Peter Quinn & How Microsoft Smeared Its Way to Winevitability

October 20th 2009

The InformationWeek cover story had two elements. First was the illustration, which featured a compass with Windows 7 at true North, the headline “Winevitable,” and the question of how you will get there. That’s the kind of positioning money just can’t buy. Imagine producing software whose inevitability is proclaimed on the editorial cover of magazines. […]

Design For Obama: The Website and Book

October 17th 2009

I’ve written about “Brand Obama” previously; now, here’s a huge installment. RISD grad Aaron Perry-Zucker hoisted a website called Design for Obama, where artists up- and downloaded Obama poster designs during and after the election. The hundreds of submissions (including “Did The Right Thing,” sent by Don Button days after the election) caught the attention […]

Superhero Law: Every Geek Lawyer’s Specialty

October 15th 2009

“Give me your superhumans, your technological geniuses, your mutated masses yearning to fight crime.” What geek can resist a blog dedicated to considering how US laws would be applied to superheros? After all, Superman is an non-documented immigrant. But wouldn’t his marriage to Lois Lane naturalize him? What part of tort law would bad guys […]

Verizon CEO says Their Voice Business is Dying. Time To Go Into TV?

October 13th 2009

Okay, though he used a little more nuance, that’s the essence of what Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon’s CEO, said loud and clear in recent comments at Goldman Sachs. The issue there is perhaps it is like the dog chasing the bus a little bit. So what I need to do is get ourselves focused around the […]

Asking Censors to Keep Advertising ‘Calm’ Is Still Censorship

October 11th 2009

When the government tells someone to shut up, we call it censorship and the First Amendment requires the government to defend its regulation. But what if the government just says, “Shhhh… could you please turn that down?” Rep. Anna Eshoo’s Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (HR 1084) would do just that: require the FCC to issue […]

Personally Identifiable Data Can Be Made From “Anonymous” Data

October 8th 2009

Online Marketers Who Collect Visitor Data Are Potential Targets of Regulation in 2010. Law and health care practices are required to protect personally identifiable information (PII). However, in many cases they are encouraged to circulate so-called anonymous data. It turns out the distinction between the anonymous and the personally identifiable isn’t all that real. Latanya […]

Creative Briefs Are Where Good Site Builds Start

October 2nd 2009

Otis Maxwell is a copywriter who likes to mouth off on marketing, technology, and food. He’s also a great creative. Last week he asked me what was on my short list of projects, and to my surprise I immediately said “Creative briefs.” After all, they really are what keeps chaos at bay, and more importantly, they […]