September 2009

Sokolove Law’s Content Strategy Featured on Blog Talk Radio

September 30th 2009

Okay, listening to myself on the radio gives me hives.  I sound like the Sunday school teacher, even talking lead gen, which in my book is a blood sport. I’m much more hyper selling these ideas in person. Still, thanks to Debbie, the conversation was like being at a dinner party. And I did eventually […]

The Four New Pillars of Digital Marketing: At DMA in Palo Alto

September 25th 2009

This morning I visited the DMA of Northern California to offer some thoughts for a round table discussion on the Four Emerging Pillars of Digital Marketing.  I appreciated hearing about the projects and challenges group members are taking on, and to share some of what we’re up to at Sokolove Law. We got on to […]

The Guide for High Impact Marketing Leaders: The Shift

September 24th 2009

The best business book I’ve read this year is The Shift, by M. Scott Davis. If you’re responsible for driving the vision of marketing, here’s a deep dive on business leadership from the CMO chair. It describes the executive orientation necessary to make marketing responsible for revenue growth. It advises marketing executives how to transform […]

Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Wrap-Up

September 23rd 2009

We are this year’s version of last year’s rehearsing. Thanks to everyone from the conference, especially the 230 attendees, for making this an extraordinary two days.  Today my boss at Sokolove Law blogged about me, claiming me as “Our Own Marketing Sherpa.” Three years ago, this conference introduced me to lead gen and the platform I’ve […]

Are Online Marketers Over-Spending On Acquisition? Yep!

September 22nd 2009

Many marketers are neglecting an integral part of their business: the lead-to-revenue process. Marketing departments tend to do what they’re good at.  Making the case for more top-line spend on traffic is something marketers like to do. And good spending will generate ROI. However, many marketing departments ignore the bottom of the lead funnel. This […]

I’m Headed to San Francisco to Speak at 3(!) Digital Marketing Conferences

September 14th 2009

We’ve all probably caught some great ideas through conferences and meetings with others in our field. Sometimes we even meet people who later become colleagues, clients, and friends. The week of Sept. 20th, I’ll be on the West Coast to speak at three conferences. Being asked to give a presentation on something sure motivates me to learn […]

Google Adds Option to Play Video as Part of Search Listings

September 10th 2009

Finding videos via search isn’t new, but playing them inside ad listings is. For example, if you enter the word “Fame” in Google, you may have the option to play the movie trailer, which will roll surrounded by all the other search results. Google expects increasing video in ad results. This gets searchers to video […]

Add Video to Your Marketing Mix Now: 10 Reasons Why

September 9th 2009

1. Audience Reach According to research from the Pew Institute, the number of online users who have watched video in the last month has doubled from two years ago.  That audience is now larger than the base of social media users.  It’s three times larger than those who have listened to a podcast, and five […]

Why Online Video is the Most Effective Way to Sell Consumer Legal Services

September 2nd 2009

Dave Wieneke’s mantra for consumer marketing: “Reading is for suckers” Nowhere is this more true than when lawyers sell their own expertise.  By nature, lawyers write in legalese. It’s their training. I offer that legal writing and copy writing use opposite muscle groups. However,  when lawyers speak, they phrase things in ways that connect with […]