Superhero Law: Every Geek Lawyer’s Specialty

superman_arrested“Give me your superhumans, your technological geniuses, your mutated masses yearning to fight crime.”

What geek can resist a blog dedicated to considering how US laws would be applied to superheros? After all, Superman is an non-documented immigrant. But wouldn’t his marriage to Lois Lane naturalize him?

What part of tort law would bad guys use to sue Batman for abridging their rights as a vigilante? And wouldn’t getting naked in a phone booth be a potential legal exposure too, even in Metropolis? Such are the considerations of Superhero Law.

A personal favorite of mine is superheroes as potential personal injury litigants:

So many superheroes start their crime fighting careers as accident prone individuals who fall victim to an industrial waste spill or a top-secret experiment gone awry. These accidents could lead to more than just superhuman abilities as toxic torts could mean big bucks for our heroes.

It’s official: Superhero Law is my favorite new website!

If you like it too, remember you heard about it on here on on good ol’ UsefulArts.US.

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