This can’t be serious

When is a GOP candidate like a wedding dress?

October 21st 2014

When we talk about “killing good ideas” this ad by the College Republicans should be exhibit A. Its a clever premise, but it does more harm than good even before the scathing counter-parody by Steven Colbert.

Social Media Rule #1: Shed Your Idiots Now

September 5th 2013

Are organizations that are fixated on having the right social media policy missing the chance to address larger cultural deficits? Consider sad story of Northwestern University’s School of Medicine, now being sued for the unethical and potentially malicious use of social media by one of its fellows.

Maker’s Mark Learns a Lesson on Being a Fact-Based Marketer

February 14th 2013

This week Maker’s Mark announced they’d respond to a shortage of their premium whiskey by watering it down. Though I like my bourbon with water, here’s why Maker’s Mark might not.

Not Delight: Ham Handed CPA Website Makes Saving Seem Dirty

October 3rd 2012

Benjamin Banks, the unnerving spokes pig thing is back…standing on his hind legs and telling young people to start saving. But without the connection of saving to happiness, a pig telling me how to get cheaper smokes doesn’t make we want to save. It just makes me want to shower.

Get Bitter, A Productive Kind of Bitter

April 11th 2012

You can follow your bliss, or your dissatisfaction. Turns out they may both get you somewhere better. Here’s the best fortune cookie you may read all day.

Painfully Accurate Unaired SNL Sketch is a Fitting Tribute to Jobs

October 27th 2011

Have you seen SNL’s unaired skit celebrating Apple’s visionary which skewers a few of his fellow of tech and media titans? It made me smile, have a look.

Did Herman Cain Make the Worst (and Funniest) Ad in Political History?

October 26th 2011

Herman Cain’s smoking gums political ad is all the things political ads hope to avoid. Come take a look, see how this is a perfect application of Poe’s law, and join our somewhat informed discussion. ;>

Bad Advertising at Sea: Join the Navy and Endure Sorrow

October 4th 2011

Would you start a military recruiting discussion with a picture of a chaplain giving last rites to a child? The Navy’s reported $800 million multi-year contract does just that. It introduces a new brand tag line which I’d love your comment on. Not only does this represent those of us in the US, we’re paying for it. So, let me know what you think.

Are You a Twitter “Sales Insurrectionist”? Here Are Three Who Remade Sales in 140 Characters

April 15th 2011

Here are three super short stories of self-empowered sales pioneers. They brought somewhat unsuspecting brands in to their own real-time sales channel. “Surprise, we’re getting sales through Twitter!”

Do You Like Who Twitter Says You’re Like?

December 17th 2010

Twitter’s started telling me who I’m like. Its like a weegie board. As someone once said on Seinfeld: “Oh my God! My TiVo thinks I’m gay!” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. So, do you like who Twitter says you’re like? And can you beat Twitter at its own game?