Teen Burglars Use Tabloid Smarts to Rob Celebrities

In a season where teen vampires are all the rage, can a drama following a real-life band of teen burglars looting celebrities be far behind? (For Halloween, I’ll be dressed as them!)


The Net was their accomplice. The teens tracked the movements of stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and broke into their houses, making off with millions of dollars in stolen possessions in a spree that lasted almost a year.

Police said the teens scoured celebrity blogs and Web sites, looking for valuables, and then used the Internet to find where the stars lived. In fact, thanks to our tabloid world, it was easy to develop a list of designer clothes and jewelry, then raided the homes while celebrities were away.

“They thought it was fun, kind of an adrenaline rush,”
– Los Angeles police officer Brett Goodkin.

It’s like Sugar and Spice meets Ocean’s Eleven, with a dash of The Babysitters Club‘s entrepreneurial spirit and a soupçon of Robin Hood. Except that it actually happened.

Considering the world’s appetite for semi-true teen tales of real events that sound too crazy to be legit, just hope the accused have good lawyers: both for any criminal charges, and to sell their life rights.

Of course, when they get out of prison they can write a tell-all books; someone will make a TV series out of it, they’ll get rich, and enterprising hooligans can steal their swag.  And so continues the circle of life….cue Elton John.

For more coverage, tune in to TMZ.

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    November 21, 2009

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