Movie Fun: Did Spock Violate Student/Teacher Policies?

When we’re not talking about online marketing and the law, we discuss Star Trek ethics, right?

Rebecca Tushnet raises this question in her 43(b)log related to the latest Star Trek movie.

She points out that Spock is an instructor at Starfleet Acadamy, and apparently has had a relationship with Uhura, who was at one point his top student. He assigns her to a less-desirable ship than his, to avoid the appearance of favoritism, then reverses his decision at her request so she can join him on the Enterprise, where this relationship apparently continues.

So, would Spock be on the wrong side of your employment or academic policies?

1 Response to "Movie Fun: Did Spock Violate Student/Teacher Policies?"

  • movie teacher

    February 10, 2022

    He might be on the wrong side, but it’s Spock so he can get away with it, lol. I love these movies.

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