May 2009

I’m Speaking On Digital Direct Marketing to QC Ad Federation

May 22nd 2009

I’m digging out my high school letter jacket to return to Moline, Illinios, where I’ll be talking to the local advertising federation on June 9th. The topic, Digital Direct Marketing, is about how to assemble systems and practices to provide more personalized relevant online experiences. Details here. Retention is the New Acquisition I’m planning to […]

Ten Tools for Beating Online Competitors

May 20th 2009

I was back at RISD having a discussion with some online marketers, and I found myself rattling through a list of my favorite online marketing tools.  Sometimes just knowing where to find a few good tools is a resource, so in that spirit, here are a few online tools I like to keep at the […]

How to Tell Your Client “No” and Protect Their Brand Too.

May 14th 2009

There are a lot of situations where allegations of trademark infringement are counter productive. As you’ve read here, overly aggressive enforcement can lead to unexpected, damaging, consequences for brands. Deutsche Telekom: threatened a tech blog for using magenta headlines, the color they reserved for tMobile. Monster Cable: the litigious audio wire vendor has threatend baseball […]

Is Simplicity the Good Manners of Our Age? Laws of Simplicity and Simplicity in Laws

May 5th 2009

Technology and ambition fills our lives.  As parents, professionals, friends and members of gyms, the edict to “Be All You Can Be” is a self-escalating puzzle. Simplicity and transparency have emerged as important brand promises in promoting political candidates, financial services, packaged goods and foods, and technology. It is easy to recall recent cases in […]

Fifth Circuit Faults Court for Not Considering Fair Use in Domain Squatting

May 1st 2009

In a win for both fair use advocates and brand holders, the Fifth Circuit has interpreted the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), and the duty of trial courts to carefully consider fair use and irreparable harm issues when ruling on a request for injunctive relief.  See Southern Co. v. Dauben Inc. The […]