June 23, 2009

Erosion of Speech Freedoms is How Censorship Grows in the U.S.

June 23rd 2009

Censorship it easy to spot when China or Iran simply turn off media channels. However, in the US, well-meaning local agencies are also advancing censorship. Want a job? Give us your social media passwords. The City of Bozeman, Montana, has a long-standing policy of requiring job applicants to provide usernames and passwords for “any and […]

Movie Fun: Did Spock Violate Student/Teacher Policies?

June 23rd 2009

When we’re not talking about online marketing and the law, we discuss Star Trek ethics, right? Rebecca Tushnet raises this question in her 43(b)log related to the latest Star Trek movie. She points out that Spock is an instructor at Starfleet Acadamy, and apparently has had a relationship with Uhura, who was at one point his […]