Email Marketing and Internet Strategy Conference in Boston

Agenda for 1:1 Marketing in Boston

I’m delighted to be speaking at Exact Target’s 1:1 marketing tour as it comes to Boston to discuss two of my favorite topics.

  • 1:1 Marketing: Today, prospective customers spend much more time on the web researching their purchases before they ever speak to your sales staff. That means marketing needs to communicate more individually to prospects, and nurture their interest far more. There are easy-to-use tools and processes that even small organizations can use to step up to this opportunity.
  • Internet Strategy: From social networking to YouTube to Twitter, RSS feeds, podcasts, video, and a ton of advertising modes, the online options available to marketers are myriad. How do you determine what your organization’s core capabilities should be, which electives to experiment with, and what can be left out to allow you to focus on what really matters?

In previous 1:1 sessions, I’ve met marketers from non-profits, large retailers, agencies, financial services, and tech firms. I’ll be presenting some “how-to” examples to B2B marketers interested in creating personalized mass emails and measuring which content connects best with customers across channels.

If you’d enjoy a day to think about what’s next for your interactive strategy, it would be fun to see you there. I was at their Toronto stop earlier this year, and enjoyed the day. If you have any questions about attending, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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