May 2013

A Scout is Equal: The LGBT way forward for the BSA

May 30th 2013

Last week’s vote to welcome gay members throughout the movement was an immense step forward for Scouting, framed in respect and a belief in integrity.. While the Scouts still have more change ahead, there are things that advocates of equality can do today to make discrimination a thing of the past in Scouting, and its time for us to step up to welcome change.

Aereo: The Cable Killer…Contorted By Law

May 28th 2013

Aereo is a start-up with may have engineered a slick and legal way to get all kinds of television streamed to your devices for a small fraction of what you’d pay for cable. Yes, its cool, but is it too good to be true? And either way, would you like to try it for free?

Andrew Schwint and Michael Flint: The Power of Design Thinking

May 23rd 2013

Andrew Schwint and Michael Flint recently spent an evening sharing their design insights with graduate students at Northeastern University.. I hope their insights will trigger your design thinking.

Life’s data layer lets you know thyself in little ways

May 17th 2013

The information layer in our life is getting richer and more useful. Part of this is intentional, we hook up dashboards and carry devices to quantify parts of our lives, but part is automatic. Take my bike for example. Actually, its Hubway’s bike, in fact its their fleet of bikeshare bikes. A few days ago […]

Join me on TODAY’s Googe+ Hangout on Channel Integration

May 15th 2013

As a run-up to Integrated Marketing Week in New York, my friends at Econsultancy have stood up a series of Google+ Hangouts to preview how marketers are joining up marketings digital elements to create integrated customer experiences. The event is at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern time today — no registration is needed, just come […]

2 Minute Preview: Digital Disruption in the Age of the Customer

May 7th 2013

Here’s a two minute recorded preview of the session I’ll be leading at the J.Boye Conference in Philadelphia, a conference focused on web and intranet strategy.

Hope’s beautiful daughters: anger and courage

May 5th 2013

Temujin Doran has turned from delicious digital minute-long videos that meditate on life, to a video interpretation of Chris Hedges Death of the Liberal Class. Both are artistic works that remind me of the artistic values available through video and the imperative to raise our expectations of digital experiences. Come watch a film, you’ll be glad you did.

Icky Comcast Ad Shows Its Poor View of Customers

May 2nd 2013

Apparently Comcast’s affection for their customers is similar to Soylent Green’s esteem for its ingredients.

Join Me for Discussion, Disruption & Drinks with AMA at the NERD

May 1st 2013

Will you be in Boston Tuesday May 7th? Dan Slagen and I will be leading some networking and fun at the AMA Boston Chapter’s monthly Connector series. Dan is an acquisition marketing genius, with experience as SVP at Nanigans and head of Global Partnerships at Hubspot.