Andrew Schwint and Michael Flint: The Power of Design Thinking

Here’s a quick roll up of some pearls of design wisdom that ISITE Design’s creative director, Andrew Schwint, shared recently in his presentation on the Power of Design for the digital business course I teach here in Boston.

He talked about being directed by purpose, because design is about being successful…not just pretty.

“Strategy is the opposite of personal opinion.
 Everything should tie back to the brands goals.”

“Good design solves problems creatively, not just with creative.”

“If it feels like the site you thought you were going to,
then the design works.”

“Test and evolve…its not how it looks, its how it works.”

And my friend Michael Flint, the founder of Metropolis Design, nailed this humbling insight

“Never forget, you’re lucky to have any audience.
Treat their interest with respect.”

Guys, thanks for sharing your expertise — and readers, thanks for stopping by. ;>

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