Hope’s beautiful daughters: anger and courage

Temujin Doran is a filmmaker and illustrator based in Cornwall, UK.  I’m fond of his gorgeous short videos (just a minute or so) that meditate on skipping stones and rope swings. He’s an artist, and a digital enjoyment I’m glad to recommend.

But I bring him to your attention for his rather remarkable video interpretation of the book The Death of the Liberal Class  by cultural critic and correspondent Chris Hedges. The video is made completely of clips found on the web. Its a tribute to Doran’s editing and manipulation of image, voice and music to turn out a cinema-graphic rendering that distills Hedge’s criticism.

Obey from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

It uses rhythm and visual image to buttress Hedges’ criticism of unfettered capitalism, globalization, staggering inequality and environmental change.

As civic dialog and its consumption is increasingly centered on multimedia images, we need to make people literate in ways that go beyond words words, and god willing far beyond PowerPoint. “A populace that can no longer find the words to articulate what is happening to it is cut off from rational discourse.” But increasingly our social discourse goes beyond words, and so we must equip our children with more than writing.

Doran’s video says that hope has two beautiful daughters, anger & courage. Anger at the way things are, and the courage to change them. Likewise, changing how people think takes verbal hammers and visual nails. The medium isn’t the message, but it can amplify it and make it compelling to a wider audience. Hedges’ words are the intellectual nails, pounded home with Doran’s visual hammer.

This is a wonderfully rich example of curation, resulting in a artistic experience that extends the utility of its elements in a new way. And a reminder that the experience of our words goes beyond their reading, and that they live in minds of audience members that reinterpret them for their own ends, not ours.

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