Join Me for Discussion, Disruption & Drinks with AMA at the NERD

Dan Slagen is possibly the best acquisition marketer in the World. (evil laugh.) No, really. As head of Global Partnerships at Hubspot, SVP at Nanagans….as a PPC expert, he is one of the few best marketers I know.

We’re teaming up as part of the AMA Boston’s Connector Series for a night of networking and 10 minute shots on our best business thinking next week, right after work on Tuesday, May 7th, at Microsoft’s NERD center in Cambridge.

I’ll focus on why B2B and B2C marketers often miss opportunties at the bottom of the funnel, you know, where customers and money accumulate. Dan will talk about ways we can be much smarter about how we acquire and invest in the leads and relationships that grows business. Rather than creating a false choice, I hope that Dan and I will make everyone consider their mix of attention between prospects and customers, and suggest ways to play both ends of the funnel with greater success.

AMA Boston’s format is based on networking and conversation, with lightening fast presentations that are about 10 minutes long. That’s the ultimate sign of respect to the audience — giving them at least as much time to connect and  converse as they spend listening speakers. Come meet some people, join the discussion and say hi.

I’m trilled to be with hometown marketers — and to have the chance to hear about and discuss your work.

If you like, please join us….registration is this way.

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