The Stupid EU Cookie Law in 2½ Minutes Is Cool Content Marketing

Back in 2009, I went on a tear encouraging everyone to grab on to online video with a list of ten reasons marketers need video now.

Wow, three years later, this is still true. Lots of marketers get that video is huge, but when they think about content, too often they gravitate to written words and stock photos. That’s both a missed opportunity, and increasingly a road to marketing irrelevance. So I’m on the lookout for great uses of video by real, scrappy marketers that anyone can relate to. Please send me your suggestions and I’ll share them.

Everyone who reads this blog should be keeping an wary eye on the EU’s laws about websites using cookies. Check out this cheeky, fast explainer on this topic by Oliver from Silktide. It’s pure “content” without any explicit marketing; it establishes that there’s a firm called Silktide that just helped you a little.

The curious might look into who they are. Let’s just grok the video and we’ll discuss Silktide and SiteBeam on this site very soon.

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