Digital Strategy in Global Markets: Build The Ability to Be Globally Local

The International Executives Resources Group is a secret and elite cadre of international power brokers.  Actually they’re about fifty global businesses who have been meeting in the offices of Foley Hoag to network and discuss business trends and finance and high tech marketing.

Last month I spent an evening with them as part of a panel discussion on global digital marketing. As always, the key moment in the discussion came from an audience member who had observed how access to web information radically shifted the B2B sales cycle. “Clients used to call us when they started to research, which allowed us to influence their criteria and position the firm. Now they do all this online, and we never hear from them, unless we’re finalists or they want to negotiate.”

That was it, the rest of the night we talked about techniques for unifying marketing and sales to address the now long customer consideration cycle, which marketing can help tip in the favor of sales. Here are a few slides I shared on global branding and managing a website with many languages across three separate market groups.

Digital Strategy in Global Markets

It was good to hear from my friends, Dave Cutler, of Creative Business Development (our moderator), Myles Bristowe, CMO of Comm Creative and recent Boston AMA President. And the Lynda Thomas, VP, Global Marketing Communications, Thermo Fisher, Laboratory Products, who had great examples of how cross channel marketng helps drive their business. Thanks again to our hosts, the active audience, and my fellow marketers who came with great stories to share.

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