#140Conf: Discussing the State of Real-Time Internet in Boston


I love this cartoon.  It reminds me that there is nothing inherently social about social media tools.  It’s probably easier to use video, podcasts, blogging and Twitter in solitary, asocial ways.  The enabler of social media isn’t RSS feeds or Open Source — it’s open culture. And that’s what brings me to the #140Conf today.

7:00 AM: Didn’t forget to vote in mass primary today.  Go, good guys.

8:05 AM:  I’m pretty sure the well-known and talented Steve Polinsky just passed me at my perch in the Berkeley Perk Cafe.  This is a block from my old South End digs.

8:30 AM: Ja-Nae Duane stops.  She’s the new spokesperson for HubSpot, and she’s headed out to the road to promote them and her book about starting a business on $100.

8:45 AM: Checking Twitter I notice that three of the four FutureM sessionmates I mentioned yesterday will be here today.

9:30 AM: Another discussion: that  investment in Twitter-related firms is down. Twitter’s bought seven start-ups, and undercut many more by selling its own shorteners and software. May be better to focus more broadly on teal-time or social networks.  Good hearing that digital newsrooms are becoming more integrated.

10:00 AM: As in marketing and journalism, proliferation of digital channels delivers more audience and complexity. More complexity and audience w/web, paper, mobile, Twitter, Facebook.

Adam Gaffin (@universalhub) – Founder and editor, Universal Hub.
David Beard (@dabeard) – Editor, Boston.com
Stephanie Miller (@kordmiller) – Director of Digital Media, CBS Boston’s WBZ-TV & TV38
Ted McEnroe (@tmcenroe) – Director of Digital Media, NECN.com

10:10 AM: CC Chapman is nailing it.  Brands don’t market to men as dads.  Personal rant: Is that because dads in the media are portrayed as either dolts or asses?  Men live several years less (cancer, stress, toxins) and though we all kind of know this, it’s amazing how this is not discussed, even among men.

11:30 AM: Good public relations reminders: 1) Know who you are. 2) Don’t focus on the tool. 3) Be consistent, repeat.  4)Know context, it’s the killer.

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