Web 2.0: The Social Web

Social Media Greatness Within Reach: Achieve Without Limits

July 14th 2011

Some of the absolute best social media work anywhere is being done by a century-old firm you probably already know. The Hartford’s Achieve Without Limits is taking cause marketing to “at-scale success”. Come take a look.

Klout Score’s Anti Rapture: Scores Suddenly Drop to Hell

May 23rd 2011

The Tweeting world woke up today to find that many Klout scores have dropped, in some cases to nearly nothing. Regardless of the cause, this is a huge screw-up for Klout, because it raises a question among its believers, “What does Klout Score measure anyway?”

How Local and Mobile Amplify Social Media: Bentley CMT’s Flash Conference

May 20th 2011

For this week’s “Follow Friday” post, I’d like to introduce friends from Bentley College’s Center for Marketing Technology who stood-up a fantastic conference on local marketing last week.

Beyond Advertising: Facebook For Peace Meets Julia Ward Howe

May 8th 2011

As some on the net bemoan that “the best minds of our generation are thinking about how to make people click on Facebook ads”, I’d invite you to question the premise. Perhaps the best minds are using ideas to change the World, and those who specialize at monetizing the the medium are just their elite infrastructure.

The Best Social Media Policy Guidelines May Be From Oz

April 7th 2011

If anyone can get social media policy right, it will be the Australians. The Australian state of Victoria may have set a new gold standard for rolling out a social media policy. Take a look.

What Google +1 Means for Digital Marketers and Google’s Future

April 1st 2011

Google +1 is a critical priority to Google. Here’s why this still thin beta may still be the biggest shift of the year in search marketing. Spoiler alert: I see this as the gating event for repackaging Google’s many services as to a social network. And that’s a pretty great idea.

Raven Tools Interview: Dave Wieneke on The Future of Digital Marketing

March 8th 2011

Raven Tools has one of the smartest blogs in the business, and I was delighted to be featured on it as part of their Social Media Week coverage. I hope you’ll enjoy their post, and some of the other social media and SEO voices you’ll find there.

Check Today’s Boston Globe on Klout and the Ascent of the Social Media Climber

February 18th 2011

I’m featured in the Globe today in a fun article about Klout and its excesses. So, what do you say? Is it Tarot cards for the social set, or your next FICO score? Take a read, and let me know what you think.

The Darker Side of Corporations “Getting Social”

January 25th 2011

At first social media looked like a pathway to “hyper-empowered” consumers. But as corporations get good at social, their automation, analytics and use of personal data will produced “hyper-empowered” marketers. Once “brand you” has a valuation, the big brands will make their own influence markets.

Solitude, God and Social Media or: Stop Tweeting and Listen.

December 19th 2010

Solitude – something freely available to everyone – seems rarer than all our hand-held technical marvels made of the most exotic materials on earth. A look at our digital lives, the night, and why we’re better for occasionally departing from the social stream.