Raven Tools Interview: Dave Wieneke on The Future of Digital Marketing

I’ve had a few notes from people who were surprised to come across my Social Media Week interview with Virginia Nusseyover on the Internet Marketng Tools Blog.

If you’re not already following it, Raven Tools has one of the smartest blogs in the business.  They have expert views on SEO, Social Media and how to unify marketing operations with their suite of tools.  I really appreciate being added to their line-up, and the reminders from people who have read it there, to let you know.

Apps vs. mobile
Q: Your session suggests that apps are the next major marketing platform—so-called Web 3.0. What are the basics a business needs to know to engage successfully in the app environment? What shifts in strategy and approach are required of marketers?

All good things that happen in digital marketing are driven by audience, not by technology. I think that change that happens as you think about applications rather than pages of content is, the content is really this neutral idea that we talk about as marketers—it’s really a marketing word. In applications, we’re helping people do things, so content it neutral and in fact helping people is king.

The thing that our audiences are hungry for is taking all of this technology in their lives and all the investment of hours and money and the infrastructure and making it helpful to them in getting some tasks done in their lives. I think that in an application-based environment, we want to think about what tools can we use our content for, what tools can we use our content in to get something done that’s important to them. Two examples come to mind….(continue reading)

It sounds like a lot of the promise of mobile, Web 3.0, getting people when they’re on the go and available to interact with a brand—and the social aspects, and the local aspects—all the promise of what we’ve heard about mobile for so long available as much or more… but in apps?

We’ve heard for probably a decade that this is the year for mobile. I’ve been thinking about what is it that changed and the change, I don’t think, was mobile. It was very convenient, easy-to-use applications that people want to take with them.

Suddenly there’s a reason to want to take computing capability with you. It’s not just a cell phone and it’s not email, but it’s Foursquare or it’s TweetDeck or it’s any number of products. ….(continue reading)

Social media and big business
Social media is an important part of online marketing today. Could share your vision of the future corporatization and de-personalization of social media and what that means for both businesses and everyday users?

You may get the sense from me talking about Web 3.0 and applications that I’m a total fanboy for technology. But a lot of times there’s this shift that happens with technology where at first it’s very high status to be part of something and then it reverses and it’s high status to not be part of something. It used to be that the rich owned cars as a hobby and the poor rode horses. Now, the rich own horses as a hobby and the working people drive cars…(continue reading)

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