Good Airport Ad #2: Natl. Sports Center for the Disabled

Another UsefulArts friend, the watchful Dr. Jo Myers Drahos, kindly sent in this clever, well-executed public service advertisement from the airport in Denver.


The visual carries the ad.
It tells a smart story, has a sense of discovery and strength, and projects reputability and authenticity for the organization. The composition uses negative space to take the eye up and intersect with the rock face and the blind climber out of frame. Everyone in business knows up and to the right is for winners. That’s where this ad goes.

Soaring’s not boring.
Perhaps coincidentally, airports and this ad are both about going up. I think the ad would work in most mediums, but it soars all the more where everyone is already thinking in “portrait.”

Both this ad in Denver and United’s tribute to sports teams in Chicago’s O’Hare are in fact great airport display ads.

Thanks to everyone who has kept an eye out for ads that crash or soar, and for sending them in.  It’s always fun to turn a wasted airport minute into a critique shoot. And if you find any more, please send them my way to strategy2.0 at

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