Email and Cell Calls on PDAs Can Raise Wage & Hour Claims

We love and hate the Blackberries and iPhones that tether us to the world of work.  I remember having just started my first lead-gen campaign, and receiving an auto-update of new business while riding a chair lift. Having grown up around farms, I’m comfortable with work and life having lots of overlap.

That said, the Wall St. Journal covers two wage and hour cases, where hourly employees have sued to get paid for responding to work issues around the clock. As firms try to do “more with less” they may seek to leverage their teams’ personal time with devices that bring the “real-time” internet into family life.

Someday, it will be a symbol of status not to carry a PDA, or to be immersed in the internet. Meanwhile, we’re still adjusting to the fact that along with the lusted-after devices come hours of extra engagement.

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